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Marint Kunskapscenter i Malmö

Ribersborgsstigen 4, 216 13 Malmö.

Phone: +46 (0)40 631 3041.

E-mail: hello@smkc.se

Facebook: @marintkunskapscenter

Instagram: @marintkunskapscenter

© 2018 by Marint Kunskapscenter. 

Holiday activities / Events

We love to celebrate holidays and we do this by doing some extra fun stuff together with the public. During the summer we have activities such as snorkeling and netting, and on other holidays we usually have festive events at the center. If you want to know more about upcoming events you can follow us on Facebook!

The lab

In our lab you can learn many exciting things about the sea. In the lab you can look at different water samples in our microscopes, do exciting and instructive experiments or test your knowledge about the sea with a challenge.

The creative workshop

You can let your imagination flow in our creative workshop! Here we create ocean-inspired things - from simple fishes made out of plates to more advanced boats made out of popsicle sticks.

The aquariums

Come and greet the animals that live at the center. Our five aquariums show how the life looks under the surface of the Öresund strait, both in the shallow and deeper waters. 

And did you know - we caught all the animals in conjunction with the school classes that have visited us!

What to do at the center