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Marint Kunskapscenter i Malmö

Ribersborgsstigen 4, 216 13 Malmö.

Phone: +46 (0)40 631 3041.

E-mail: hello@smkc.se

Facebook: @marintkunskapscenter

Instagram: @marintkunskapscenter

© 2018 by Marint Kunskapscenter. 

What to do at the center


The aquariums

Come and greet the animals that live at the center. Our five aquariums show how the life looks under the surface of the Öresund strait, both in the shallow and deeper waters. 

And did you know - we caught all the animals in conjunction with the school classes that have visited us!

The creative workshop

You can let your imagination flow in our creative workshop! Here we create ocean-inspired things - from simple fishes made out of plates to more advanced boats made out of popsicle sticks.

The lab

In our lab you can learn many exciting things about the sea. In the lab you can look at different water samples in our microscopes, do exciting and instructive experiments or test your knowledge about the sea with a challenge.

Holiday activities / Events

We love to celebrate holidays and we do this by doing some extra fun stuff together with the public. During the summer we have activities such as snorkeling and netting, and on other holidays we usually have festive events at the center. If you want to know more about upcoming events you can follow us on Facebook!


Book a study visit

Groups are welcome to book a study visit to Marine Education Center. During spring (2/4 – 9/6) and autumn (20/8 – 31/10) the center is open for study visits tuesday through friday between 12.00 – 17.00.


Fill in the questionnaire below. Please respect the max limit of the number of participants. Your study visit can be a maximum of 2 hours. Please give us suggestions of multiple dates that fits your group, that will increase the chance of us finding an available session.


Price per person:

Participant adult 100 skr

Participant <18 years 75 skr


Obs! No booking is valid until you have received a confirmation mail from us!


Tip for preschools/schools outside of Malmö stad.

If your class would like to go netting it is smartest to divide the class on two nettingsessions. The group who doesn't net can visit the exhibition where we for instance have interactive parts and a creative workshop. Alternatively the group can do other own activities on the Ribersborgsstranden, grills are available right next to the center and during the summer months the Handikappbadet next to the center runs a small café.


För nuvarande går det tyvärr inte att boka studiebesök via mobilversionen, vänligen boka via en dator!

Questionnaire Study visit Marine Education Center
We are a/an:

Contact information:

We would like to book:

(ca 15-30 min, max 15 participants)

Our nature guides shows the exhibition, emphasis can be placed on different parts based on interest and theme. Max number of participants depends on safety reasons.

(ca 30-45 min, max 30 participants)

The history of Marine Education Center- from a simple tent to a naturum, the idea and drive behind the will of making the ocean available for everyone. Emphasis can be placed on ex. pedagogy, UN:s global goals, sustainable fishing etc.

(ca 45 min, max 15 participants)

Together with our natur guide, the group discovers what's hidden under the surface of the Sound. Equipment is available to borrow.

(max 12 participants)

A smaller conference room with a big TV screen, a flipboard, and a whiteboard.

(max 30 participants)

Make a difference - save the ocean! We provide 

equipment (pincers, gloves, trashbags)

We would like to:

Opening hours and prices

Opening hours

Both entrance and activities are free.



Can I participate in the netting session if I'm in a wheelchair?

Yes! We have special inflatable rafts.

Can I park somewhere?

Yes! Between May and September, summer parking is open, there are also several disabled parking facilities near the building.

Find us


We run our business  on Ribersborg Beach next to pier nr 7 and right next to the Handicap Bath.

You can easily walk och bicycle to us along Ribersborgsstigen.

Take the green city bus nr 7 to the stop: "Potatisåkern" then head straight down towards the sea. If you are outside Malmö, take a train or bus to Malmö Central and then change to city bus 7.

Drive down towards Lagunen at the roundabout at the intersection of Geijersgatan / Limhamnsvägen. After 300 m, turn right onto Ribersborgsstigen and follow the road towards the parking lot.

We are becoming naturum Öresund - the gateway to Öresund!

In 2019, the Marine Education Center becomes a naturum visitor centre! A naturum visitor centre is the gateway to a natural area and will create opportunity and accessibility for all to experience and come closer to nature. This is very inspiring because it means that we will be able to spread even more knowledge about the sea and why it is so important. Naturum Öresund opens up many new opportunities for both us and our visitors - expanded opening hours, a wide range of activities and guided tours as well as completely new exhibits with emphasis on our Öresund and the Global goals. The fact that the natural environment of Öresund becomes a reality is a step in the right direction for a more sea-conscious world. 


To prepare for the new business, the Center will be closed for the public until summer season starts. Check out our website, Facebook and Instagram for more updates in the future. 


Best regards, admin!